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GiggleBugs screens all children using a developmental screening tool known as "Ages & Stages" (ASQ) to help identify any delays or areas of concern you may have with your child's development. If eligible, specialized services through Child Development Watch, Easter Seals, or the school district may be provided right on site during your child's school day. Screenings are done annually.

Developmental Screenings:
Curriculum & Assessment:

We believe that every child is unique and will grow & learn at his or her own pace. Using a research based curriculum known as the Creative Curriculum, children follow a daily schedule and take part in developmentally appropriate activities during whole & small group time and will discover and learn while "playing" in intentionally designed learning centers in the classroom.  Children are assessed on specific cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and language goals of the curriculum, and progress reports are provided quarterly. Parent Teacher conferences are offered twice each school year, once in the fall and once in the Spring.