"This center is exactly what we were looking for as we searched for a place for our children to go while we were at work.  My husband and I are both educators, and we were searching for a place where our boys could go and prepare them for Kindergarten while still fostering the "little boy" in them and allowing them to play, run, and be crazy! The staff there is AMAZING...they know each of my kids' names and make a point to make each of them feel like the most important kid in the center!  The staff is readily available to discuss concerns & questions and I always feel like they have the children's best interests in mind when making decisions.  We believe we've hit the jackpot in early childhood development centers! Jen and Rich have really created a great environment for children and their families. I never question if my kids are being taken care of. I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a quality place to send their precious babies"
~Stephanie, Mom of Joseph, Jacob, & Jonathan

“We moved to DE from DC almost two years ago…when making that decision and listing our pros/cons, one of the biggest “unknowns” was what childcare might entail in our rural town of Millsboro.  And now, even with all the things we love about living here, I can honestly say that the “BEST” part of the transition has been GiggleBugs Early Learning Center.  This school is extraordinary: the leadership team, the teachers, the facility itself.  There is a personal touch to learning and engagement that is rare and inspiring.

If I’m not able to be with my little guy every day, I want those who are to treasure him the way I do.  And as a single mom, this team is my village in raising my son-they are truly family to us.  When the recent announcement came out that the option for Kindergarten may be coming, we were thrilled! I plan on having my little guy under the tender loving care of this school for as long as possible!  We are forever grateful to GiggleBugs Early Learning Center!
~Beth, Mom of Zachary

"GiggleBugs is an excellent and loving environment for kids. Our family started with GiggleBugs when it first opened.  It was a huge blessing for this area!! I feel so welcome when I walk through the doors (Rich knows everyone's name, from the kids to the parents) and the staff is amazing! They know exactly how to grab each child's attention to keep them happy when Mom or Dad departs and are so excited to see each face as they walk into the room. Once we drop off our son, I don't have to worry because I know he is in good hands. I know he is safe and is having a great day with his class-mates and staff, he is receiving a proper nutrition for breakfast and lunch, and there is a weekly newsletter of what's going on within GiggleBugs.  I'm also impressed with how much he has learned in such short period of time.  I can't thank God enough for such a wonderful place to take our son and future children!  We are so happy with GiggleBugs and highly recommend it to anyone!" 
~Geri, Mom of Grady, Grant, & Graham


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