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Early Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions...


   Why are you called an "Early Learning Center?"

       GiggleBugs Early Learning Center is MUCH more than a typical "daycare."  In fact, we do not use the word "daycare" since it

              does not adequately describe the very important work we do.  GiggleBugs has highly qualified teachers each possessing a

              Delaware First credential issued by the Delaware Department of Education.  We utilize a curriculum for each age group served

              at the center, and we do online assessments of children three times per year.  We report that progress to you in November,

              February, and June.


    Do I need to pack my child's lunch?  What if my child is a picky eater?

              GiggleBugs Early Learning Center has a full size commercial kitchen where breakfast, lunch, and snack are prepared daily. All

              meals served are in accordance with the USDA and the Child and Adult Care Food Program and contain healthy components

              while still being "kid friendly."  Our menu is always posted at our entry way for families to review.  We encourage all families to

              have their child eat our meals rather than to bring them from home.  We believe even picky eaters may broaden their horizons

              by the positive peer pressure of their classmates.  If it is determined that a child needs to pack his/her lunch, please speak 

              with Mr. Rich about a few guidelines that must be followed.

    Do you administer medication?

              While we have numerous staff members who have medication administration training, it is GiggleBugs' policy to only administer

              medication in cases of emergency.  Such emergencies include anaphylactic shock requiring an epipen or breathing difficulties

              requiring an inhaler.  All other medications such as motrin/tylenol, eye drops, ear drops, or antibiotics can be given by you

              before and after attendance at the center, or can be given by you (or a representative you designate) by coming to the center.

     Do I pay for days my child doesn't attend the center and for days GiggleBugs is closed?

              GiggleBugs' annual tuition is broken down into weekly installments which is expected each week regardless of attendance and

              regardless of one of our scheduled closings. We liken this to a car payment with a monthly payment that doesn't change based

              on the number of days the car was used or not used.  You are paying for a slot at GiggleBugs. 

     Do you accept POC (Purchase of Care)?

              GiggleBugs does accept POC authorizations, but the parent is responsible for paying the parent fee as well as a Plus fee each

              week.  There is also an attendance policy in order to utilize one of these slots.  Please see Miss Jennifer to see if a POC slot is

              available and to sign the POC Plus contract to accept one of these slots.

     How is discipline handled at GiggleBugs?

               GiggleBugs uses guidance and redirection to assist children in making good choices.  Oftentimes negative behavior is a way

               children attempt to seek attention or communicate a want or need.  Sometimes children do not have the vocabulary to express

               their feelings and become easily frustrated.  GiggleBugs' staff attempt to validate children's feelings without validating the

               negative behavior.  Staff utilize "time in" to sit with a child who may need a cooling down period or a time to reflect.

     Does my child have to nap?

                GiggleBugs Early Learning Center is a state licensed center that must follow rules and regulations contained in "DELACARE."

                We are required to provide all children with a rest period.  Most children will fall asleep and nap 1-2 hours depending on

                the child's age/needs.  After 20 minutes resting on a cot, any child who is still awake is given an opportunity to do a quiet

                activity on their cot.  This might include reading books or enjoying a puzzle.

      What safety measures are in place to address the safety of my child?

                While not required by state licensing, GiggleBugs has chosen to purchase and implement a high quality security system in

                order to provide a safe environment for children who attend this center.  GiggleBugs' entry doors are locked at all times.

                Families must use a code unique to each family in order for the doors to release.  In addition, GiggleBugs has a video monitoring

                system which views classrooms, hallways, and the playground. Anyone coming to the center to pick up a child must show

                a photo ID which matches information you have placed on your personalized authorized pick-up list.  Please do not be

                offended if a staff member asks for your ID (or if it happens multiple times).  We WILL do this as your child's safety is our

                utmost concern!  Local and State law enforcement have been on site to assist us in designing our center's safety plan.

                Safety drills are conducted and staff are trained on all security protocols. 

      Is there a dress code for children?

                Children are messy little scientists exploring and discovering their surroundings.  As such, children should be dressed in

                clothing that launders easily and that can be managed easily by young, inexperienced fingers.  Children may not wear flip flops

                or sandals that do not have a strap around the heel that secure these to the feet.  Also, please do not send children in small

                accessories that could be a choking hazard.  All children should be dressed for the appropriate season and should bring items

                such as hats and gloves in the cold months.  An extra set of seasonably appropriate clothes labeled with your child's name

                should be brought in to be kept in your child's cubby in case of an accident or spill.

       Do you have openings and how do I enroll my child?

                GiggleBugs is licensed to serve 128 children, and oftentimes slots are full.  While we typically have openings in the

                early June time frame and the early September time frame, openings can occur at any time of the year when a parent

                moves, has a change in employment, or loses POC assistance.  Therefore, please call 302-934-KIDS to inquire about

                openings.  To be added to our waiting list, click on "Contact Us" and then type and submit the requested information

                under "Waiting List Form."  Once an opening comes available, you will be sent an email to which you can respond and

                set up a tour to see if GiggleBugs is a good fit for your family

       Can I stop by any time for a tour of the center?

                 While we have an open door policy for all currently enrolled families, we do NOT allow visitors and potential new families to

                 stop by unannounced to tour the center.  You may call 302-934-KIDS to schedule a tour if GiggleBugs anticipates an

                 upcoming opening for your child.  Tours are conducted after hours at 5:30pm Monday through Thursday.